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Established in 2001, Ucreate electronics group is a professional manufacturing PCB enterprise majoring in design, fabrication, assembly and marketing. To meet various customers’ needs, like high technology PCB sample, fast turn round, low volume to mass production and PCBA, Ucreate has settled its factories both in Shenzhen and Huizhou city, covering facility area 5000 Square meters, with more than 1200 employees, 150 with highly professional who are no less than 10 years expert in PCB field, now we are reaching a monthly capability of 45000 Square meters. Meanwhile, in Shenzhen, it mainly focuses on sample, fast turn round and low volume; In Huizhou, it mainly involves in mass production.  


With rich experience and development, we have established a flexible system platform to adapt to the design, production and service of many varieties and small quantities of products, have cultivated a team of compound technology of electronic circuit industry, production and customer orientation service, developing a very reliable cooperation with customers around the world, besides, our products have been widely used in intelligent hardware, communications, industrial, medical, defense, electricity, automobiles and computers as well as other fields.


Ucreate has been certificated with ISO9001, ISO14001, UL from US and Canada, and all of our products are approved by ROHS certification.


Under the mission " high quality, exact delivery, customers' satisfactions, continuous development, Common innovation ", We believe Ucreate will develop better and better with your participation.


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Ucreate has been committed to providing customers PCB & PCBA one-stop electronic manufacturing services more than 15 years. Our core products have been widely used in intelligent hardware, communications, industrial control, medical equipment, defense, power, automotive and computer fields. Please to follow us!

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